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Blue Ridge Coral

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Perfect for nautical, beach or coastal home decor. Not appropriate for aquarium decor. 

Blue Ridge Coral lives only in the Indo-Pacific in the tropics of the Indian and Pacific oceans and are unusual in that they are blue in color, they have a blue skeleton — all other corals just about have white skeletons — and also in that they haven't changed in their form for over 60-70 million years.  

Coral is a wonderful accent piece for your beach or vacation home but is just a stunning in more traditional settings.  We absolutely love mixing coral with our vintage industrial decor, we find it softens the look and the pop of color and organic shapes really add "wow factor" to the industrial look.

No harm was done to the coral reefs to get this coral. It has been aquacultured or grown in tidal pools to be harvested.  They follow strict regulations, just as the timber industry, and replant constantly the coral that is removed.

Treasures from Beneath ONLY sells ocean coral that has been deemed safe by C.I.T.I.E.S., to ensure that international trade in specimens of sea life does not threaten their survival. Much of the sea coral has been farmed for collection which helps coastal coral farming communities.

Please note in the photo, this is natural coral, there may be some irregularities and broken tips from harvesting etc.  You will receive exactly what you see here and it will be very carefully packed for safe shipping.

Enhanced coral piece. Perfect for nautical, beach or coastal home decor. NOT appropriate for aquarium decor.